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Common Message of the Management Board and the Trade Unions of ZE PAK SA


Common Message of the Management Board and the Trade Unions of ZE PAK SA

The Management Board of Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów - Adamów - Konin Spółka Akcyjna (ZE PAK SA) and Trade Unions operating in ZE PAK SA, after finishing the meeting on 25 February 2016 presenting jointly agreed, the following information:


Management Board of ZE PAK SA and Trade Unions taking into consideration current difficult situation on energy market, which in the highest degree affects energy producers and is caused by the confluence of external factors beyond the control of the Company, decided on starting common talks. Both sides admitted that only common talks may create in the Company appropriate social atmosphere to allow the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Company and its capital group, and at the same time serving the good of the employees, the Company's shareholders and the good of the region. Both sides agree that talks will will be carried out to the end of April this year, with the possibility of modifying this term.

Both sides decided join the talks without putting preconditions and declare during them to refrain from taking actions that may interfere with the dialogue.



Management Board of ZE PAK SA

Aleksander Grad – President of the Management Board of ZE PAK SA


Company Trade Unions

Władysław Sękowski – MNSZZ „Pracowników Energetyki" ZE PAK SA i Spółek

Grzegorz Rauchfleisch – MZZ „Pracowników Ruchu Ciągłego" ZE PAK SA

Ryszard Piasecki – MZZ „Pracowników Zmianowych" w ZE PAK SA

Krzysztof Majda – MOZ NSZZ „Solidarność" Grupy ZE PAK SA.

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