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Air Protection

Completed tasks
  • Modernization of all electrostatic precipitators in the Pątnów and Adamów Power Plants.
  • Installation of systems for the reduction of NOx emissions by means of primary methods in the Pątnów and Adamów Power Plants, construction of a system that reduces NOx emissions in the K5 boiler in the Pątnów Power Plant along with measuring systems for individual units.
  • Installation of two automatic air quality monitoring stations in the area of the power plant's interaction.
  • Flue gas emission control system installed on stacks in ZE PAK SA power plants.
  • Construction of a dedicated boiler for biomass combustion with an area for its storage at the Konin Power Station.
  • Flue gas desulfurization system for boilers 111 and 112 in the Konin Power Station and for Units 1 - 6 in the Pątnów Power Plant.

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Flue Gas Desulphurization System
  • Flue gases, containing primarily substantial amounts of sulphur compounds, particularly harmful to the environment and living beings, are a highly hazardous waste product of lignite combustion. Desulphurization is a method for reducing the content of such compounds in flue gases.
  • In the process of wet flue gas desulphurization, hot flue gases from electrostatic precipitators are directed to an absorber, where they are brought into contact with lime slurry.
  • As a result of a sequence of chemical reactions, pollutants (particularly SO2) are captured and synthetic gypsum is produced.
  • After leaving the absorber zone, the desulphurized flue gases pass through two mist eliminator levels, where entrained sorbent suspension droplets are removed. Finally, after passing through a heating chamber, the treated flue gases are discharged through a stack that is an integral part of the system. The entire process is highly automated.
  • The desulphurization system removes about 96% of pollutants, and environmentally clean water vapour leaves the stack.

  • This highly effective method, widely used in the energy sector worldwide, was implemented in the existing flue gas desulphurization systems constructed in ZE PAK SA.

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SO2 emission diagram

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Dust emission diagram

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NO2 emission diagram
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