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Konin Power Plant

Konin Power Plant

The Konin Power Plant, which was built in the 1950s, is the oldest brown-coal-fired power plant in Poland and in the ZE PAK SA Capital Group. The operation of the power plant in the open cooling water circuit is based on a system of five lakes connected by canals. It is the heat supplier for the town of Konin and surrounding areas. The installed power in the Power Plant is currently 198 MW, and the thermal capacity: 212 MWt. After commissioning in July 2012 of a power unit adapted for the combustion of biomass, the Konin Power Plant has operated on the basis of two systems: the manifold one, in which 3 boilers and 3 turbo sets operate, and the unit one with a boiler for the combustion of biomass and a 55 MW turbo set. The Power Plant is equipped with a wet flue gas desulphurisation system.


The facility has an open cooling system consisting of five lakes in the Konin region, connected by canals.

Important dates:

  • 1958 – the power plant’s establishment.

  • 1964 - the highest installed power in its history, which amounted to 583 MW.

  • 2006 - the Konin Power Plant obtains an IPPC Permit to produce electricity and heat.

  • 2007 - Konin obtains a concession for cogeneration of electricity and heat (red energy)

  • October 2007 - organizational merger of the Konin Power Plant and the Pątnów Power Plant

  • June 2012 - commissioning of the power unit with a capacity of 55 MW combusting only biomass.

Konin Power Plant



Konin Power Plant


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