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Pątnów II Power Plant

The 474 MW unit of the Pątnów Power Plant is the first one in the national power system designed to operate at supercritical conditions. The technology used results n high power efficiency:-44.0% gross and 41.0% net.

The Pątnów II unit is characterized by highly efficient power generation and, in consequence, by reduced fuel consumption and smaller amounts of waste. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art air protection systems: wet flue gas desulphurization and reduction in the emissions of nitrogen compounds.


The equipment of the power unit features state-of-the-art solutions successfully tested in brown-coal-fired power plants in other countries.

Technical data:

  • Power rating of the unit at generator terminals for an annual average cooling water temperature of 16 °C: 470.2 MW

  • Net power rating of the unit at the 400kV bus bars for a cooling water temperature of 16 °C: 446 MW

Unit availability

  • on an annual basis, taking into account running repairs: 94%

  • on a six-year basis, taking into account major overhauls: 91.2%

The unit consists of:

  • a boiler with a capacity of 361 kg/s (1300 t/h),

  • a condensing turbine powering a synchronous generator,
  • an electrostatic precipitator,

  • a lime and gypsum flue-gas desulphurisation (FGD) system,

  • a new flue stack,

  • a system for power evacuation to the bus bars of the 400 kV switching station.

The average emissions of air pollutants are as follows:

  • SO2 - 200 mg/nm3,
  • NOx - 200 mg/nm3,
  • pył - 20 mg/nm3.

Pątnów II Power Plant 

Hybrid absorption systems for the reduction of mercury emissions

In order to meet the requirements set out in the BAT (Best Available Technology) conclusions, the Pątnów II power plant has joined the project named "Hybrid integrated adsorption system to reduce mercury emissions with the use of high-efficiency polymer components (HYBREM)" co-financed by the European Union within the priority axis "Support for R&D works by the enterprises” under the Operational programme: Smart Development, 2014-2020, Action 1.2 "Sectoral R&D programs".


The aim of the HYBREM project is to develop innovative flue gas cleaning systems based on hybrid configuration consisting of several methods of mercury (Hg) reduction. Optimization of the developed system will finally allow to meet the new mercury emission limits for large combustion plants; it will also take into account the economic viability of the proposed solutions (investment and operational costs).


More about the project - "Hybrid integrated adsorption"


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