Last updated on: 2021-03-16



Clean Poland Program Association

"Clean air cannot be produced or purchased. We all have to start caring for it together” – these are the words of the Clean Poland Program Association initiator,Zygmunt Solorz, who is also the owner of Zespół Elektrowni PAK SA.

Clean Poland Program Association has become a fact. It works. One of the main assumptions that guided its establishment is educating the society, aimed at presenting the benefits of an ecological lifestyle. The Association wants to speak directly about the fact that pro-ecological attitudes should not remain only in the sphere of declarations. Especially that in many cases they are very simple to implement, and, at the same time, definitely cheaper than traditional solutions.

The founders of the Clean Poland Program Association urge us to take care of the country, to be concerned with the natural environment, air, water and the nature that surrounds us.

Among the founders, the board and the managers of the Association there are representatives of companies that comprise the Polsat Group. Membership in the Association is free. Its participants do not pay any contributions. If you want to be up to date with ecological issues, with the most important initiatives and trends from Poland and the world, or you have interesting insights and ideas – join the Clean Poland Program Association.

The Association regularly monitors the compliance of its activities with the laws and regulations in force in the field of environmental protection and with all other environmental requirements which we may be subject to.

All companies gathered around the originator of this project are involved in the implementation of these activities: Cyfrowy Polsat, Polkomtel, Telewizja Polsat, Netia Group, as well as ourselves, i.e. Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów-Adamów-Konin SA.