Last updated on: 2020-05-04

Modernization of the K7 boiler along

Modernization of the K7 boiler along with the TG5 turbogenerator in the Konin Power Plant


Modernization of the K7 boiler along with the TG5 turbogenerator in the Konin Power Plant" includes the scope of supply, construction and assembly work and services for the overall modernization of the basic and auxiliary equipment as well as systems for the 50 MW unit with buildings and structures.


Until now, the K7 boiler has been fired with lignite. As part of the investment program aimed at obtaining energy through renewable sources, the boiler will be adapted for the exclusive combustion of biomass. The scope of the project also includes adapting the devices cooperating with the K7 boiler (electrostatic precipitator with the ash removal system, fuel supply system, turbogenerator) to its modified operating parameters.

The main purpose of the modernized K7 boiler will be the production of electricity, but it will also act as a reserve unit in terms of heat production for the needs of the city of Konin.

The implementation of this Program will allow for the total elimination of fossil fuels from the heat generation process for Konin's needs. The boiler will meet the required conditions for emissions of harmful substances to the environment by installing additional de-NOx systems and will have a thermal efficiency above 88.8%.

After the modernization, the K7 boiler will cooperate with the TG-5 or TG-4 turbine. It is assumed that, in principle, the cooperation of the boiler with the TG-5 condensing turbine will be used to produce electricity. If the basic heat source is turned off, i.e. the existing biomass unit, the K-7 boiler is expected to cooperate with the TG-4 heating turbine.

After the conversion of the K-7 boiler, a power generation capacity of approx. 100 MWe (2x50 MWe) – using biomass as the basic fuel – will be available at the Konin power plant. It will also enable the total decommissioning of the coal systems. 


The modernization objectives are consistent with the European Union's strategic directions regarding the environmental impact of power systems highlighted in Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 24, 2010 on industrial emissions.


The scope of the modernization program implemented in the Konin Power Plant includes:

  • boiler room with a pulverized coal-fired boiler OB-230b (No. K7) intended for conversion into a 100% biomass combustion boiler with a stationary Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB),
  • boiler auxiliary equipment,
  • transport and feeding biomass system from boiler tanks to the boiler combustion chamber as well as light oil system for startup oil burners,
  • reconstruction of the primary air system and construction of the secondary and tertiary air systems for the K7 boiler,
  • ash removal system,
  • NOx reduction system,
  • engine room with: turbogenerator, feed water pumps, drainage system and boiler-turbine topping up system with demineralized water, vacuum pump system, condenser tube cleaning system,
  • oil management system, 
  • biomass transport system 
  • unit and general power management facilities,
  • TG5 power evacuation system,
  • instrumentation and controls as well as protection systems of the K7 – TG5 unit with the adaptation of rooms for cable distribution and system cabinets,
  • TG5 turbine set supervision and monitoring system,
  • electrostatic precipitator modernization,
  • service water system in the scope of adaptation of the system for the needs of the modernized K7 boiler,
  • internal systems: water, sewage, heating, air conditioning,
  • external networks: water, sewage, heating, auxiliaries,
  • sewage management system,
  • combustion waste management system,
  • compressed air management system,
  • fire and telemechanics and other necessary systems,
  • adaptations of the main building of the Konin Power Plant resulting from the fire protection assessment project of the facility's along with lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as fire hazard signalling systems.

The main goal of the K7 boiler modernization is to achieve electricity production (50 MWe) from biomass, obtain a reserve source of heat energy to supply the city of Konin, and enable further 17 years of operation from the date of commissioning. The effect of the modernization will be the elimination of the source of CO emissions resulting from the combustion of lignite and obtaining an energy source classified as RES.

The budget of the investment program related to Adaptation of the K-7 coal boiler in the Konin Power Plant for the exclusive combustion of biomass along with the necessary technical infrastructure is 176 862.


In the implementation of the program a number of reputable companies will be involved, including:

- VALMET Technologies Oy Finland – adaptation (retrofit) of the K7 coal boiler for biomass combustion,

- CLYDE BERGEMANN Tychy – modernization of boiler steam blowers,

          - PAK Serwis Konin – execution and disassembly of components,

          - LEADER IMS Wągrowiec – site manager functions, 

          - TEDSPAW Bilcza – modernization of the main boiler safety valves,


Tender procedures for remaining work are ongoing (26 April 2020).